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SWRPGS.net was founded in early 2006 with the intent of hosting one game. From that simple purpose, it is quickly growing into a network varied of RPG sites. Star Wars is what we live, and Star Wars is what we love.

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After the completion of Star Wars: Episode VII, the founders of that game decided to purchase a domain name to host its sequel. That was in early 2006. Now, it's early 2007 - almost a full year later, and SWRPGS.net has grown from a domain to host a single RPG to an ever-changing network of Star Wars RPGs.

This site design was completed in the beginning of March, 2007. So many people have helped our non-profit (non-income, also) organization with contributions - many people contributed many things, large and small, to this site to make it what it is today. We would like to thank Jordan Quigley for template images, Chris Brendel for back-end coding, Han Solo for banners, posters and sub-site design elements, and all the staff of all our RPGs that make SWRPGS.net what it is.


We are currently affiliated with the SwitzerLAN network. However, we remain a totally independent site.


SWRPGS.net is not associated with or condoned by Lucasfilm, LucasArts, Wizards of the Coast and any other official contributors to the Star Wars ™ franchise. We claim no copyright on characters/events created and/or described in the Star Wars movies, books, games or comics. We claim no copyright on elements of any other copyrighted or trademarked movie, book, game or comic. These things are ®, ™ or © of their respective owners.

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We will never disclose your personally identifiable information (IP address, email, etc) unless it is in co-operation with our host or government authorities. We are not responsibile for the content or practices of any off-site links.

To send any questions about this policy or requests for allowance of redistribution, please see our Contact page.

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