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Creation date: June 20th, 2007
Era: Galactic Civil War

The Galactic Empire, the largest contiguous government in Galactic History, has stood now for nearly eighteen years. Starting with the territories of the Republic and Confederacy, the seemingly invincible Imperial war machine has overrun nearly every other government in the Galaxy. Possessing millions of worlds, hundreds of millions of ships and countless soldiers, the Empire reigns supreme.

But there are some who still resist. A scattered band of resistance cells has finally united into the Rebel Alliance. The Mon Calamari have driven the Empire from their home planet of Dac and even, briefly, out of the entire sector. Just weeks ago the newly freed Mon Calamari and Quarren have formally joined the Alliance. While many of their ships are unarmed, they bring with them hope hope of victory.

Will you side with the growing Rebel Alliance? The besieged Hapes Consortium? The infamous Hutt Crime Lords or the duplicitous Black Sun? Or will you serve the Empire and bring about the total victory of the New Order?

The choice is yours in Star Wars - Rebellion!

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