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Creation date: June 14th, 2009
Era: Expanded Universe (alternate universe)

Continuing on the SWRPGs tradition of alternate-universe Star Wars games, STAR WARS: UNITY uses the novel DARKSABER as the pivot point in the plot. Admiral Daala succeeds in her attempt to unite the Imperial warlords, and later carries out a successful assault on Yavin 4. The result is a prolonged and bloody campaign against the New Republic.

The year is now 41 ABY, and peace--once unsteady between the bloodied superpowers--has reigned for a decade. But dark forces stir in the Unknown Regions, bent of vengeance and conquest.

The ultimate expression of CMAC's character-oriented vision, Unity offers opportunities to everyone from civilians to heads of state, bounty hunters to shopkeepers, and from corporals to commanding generals. So give us a try!

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